About Barney Feinberg – PCC, CPCC, CPA
CEO – The Chemistry Factor

The most important factor in achieving greater success in your business or career is the strength of your relationships with the people you work with. The Chemistry Factor focuses on creating the authentic connection chemistry that builds bridges with the people at work and brings down the walls that disconnect us.

Barney Feinberg

I began my career out of college attaining a CPA; learning the language of business. At the age of 25 my career journey brought me to live in Asia for 7 years. There I learned how to assimilate with different cultures always with the purpose of building strong relationships with the people at work.

I started my career in executive placement in 1994, became a certified life coach in 2002, and later attained my PCC (Professional Coactive Coach with the International Coaching Federation). My purpose was to merge the two professions creating, Life Balance Recruiting. This grew to become The Chemistry Factor Executive Coaching. The realization became crystal clear as I developed my business that the most important factor in any job is the chemistry you will have with the people at work.

I saw how many people too often put up with work, waiting for Friday to end and unhappy that Monday would begin. The chemistry they had on the job was limited for both themselves and the people they worked with.

After many years of working to help clients better enjoy their work I began to realize that the common denominator that dictated chemistry was our values. When we honor them our actions at work flow with ease, when we do not honor them work is hard and flow is stop and go. Ambiguity, being disconnected from our values, too often leads to poor decisions or no decisions at all.

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are but tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
— Oliver Wendell Holmes

When your relationships are authentically connected, your work will be an inspiration and not a chore. This is the chemistry that brings with it the dedication and possibility to accomplish greater business success.

The Chemistry Factor shows you how to bring up the best of what lies within you, authentically connecting to your values and then connecting to the values you have in common with the people at work. Working consciously from empowered values will have your confidence soar no matter what the circumstances, naturally achieving greater business success.

My skills as a certified life and executive coach make it easy for me to understand when a client is connected or disconnected from their values and help them discover what those values are.

Authentic Connection creates results that exceed expectations.  

Our process is tailored to each executive. Everyone has their own understanding of values; we help them define them and empower them quickly and easily.

I love making a positive difference in people’s lives. You spend more waking hours at work than anywhere else in your life. No one wants to go through life stressed out, our approach limits the stress and replaces it with inspiration and discovery. When you are having fun at work your productivity will improve as well as your results.

The chemistry factor transforms an executive’s perspective with regards to the relationships they have with themselves, with others and with the work they do. They create new value success formulas that make a once stressful situation easy to deal with.

In your quest for greater success we help you discover what values connect you to succeed and ignore the values that disconnect you from success.