The Chemistry Factor
Executive Coaching Program

When your company is working together while being disconnected from their values your opportunity for success is limited. Executives who work with each other authentically connected to common values will have your business achieve the greater success everyone wants. Their energy will soar, leadership inspire, and innovation reach new heights of creativity.

This Program trains an executive to empower the values they want to connect to no matter what the circumstances, any time they want to, with anyone they choose. No more stop and go action due to stress and doubt. Seeing a clear path on how to move forward and knowing when to turn on that path as they carry out their work.

Step One – The Executive Discovery

Transform executive complacency and forced work habits to re-ignite intellectual curiosity and passion. When your executive is empowered by their values, their confidence soars, ability to take action peaks, and achievements excel.

  • Identify Executive Values

An executive’s understanding of how they unconsciously manage their work is transformational. This is the beginning of a self-awareness that will allow them to make choice to use alternative value success formulas. This first step opens the door to the possibility of creating greater perspectives in accomplishing their work that they never knew existed.

Identify Your Values Exercises include:

  • Discover Your DNA Values – What are the values you unconsciously use that have created your go to success formulas? How do these DNA values help your success and how do they hinder it?
  • Value Mine – Discover the values that you do not consciously use at work through various mining techniques. How can they support you to achieve exceptional results?
  • Create Big Picture Goals and Challenges – What values aside from your DNA values can support you to achieve exceptional results?
  • Choose Power Values – Transform how you approach work with new value success formulas

“Empowered curiosity guides us to better understand what we and others want. Knowing what we all want makes our goals easier to achieve.”

Step Two – Executive Values Empowerment

By being able to consciously empower their values your executive will gain in confidence, improve their communication and listening skills, and become more productive in their work. The Chemistry Factor Program will teach your executive how to empower their values quickly and easily, preventing the “stop and go” action that stalls action and weakens resolve.

  • Empower Your Values

Your executive’s ability to consciously connect with themselves brings true chemistry to their game. Since the chemistry in Chemistry Factor Coaching is built on the foundation of values, the depth of connection is powerful.

Empower Your Values Exercises include:

  • Focus and Clear – Exercise that simplifies empowering a value quickly and easy.
  • Understand your value – A personal name and definition of a value that is unique to each executive.
  • Locate the Value in Your Life – Identify the story or event that when remembered connects you authentically to the value.
  • Connect to the Value – Create a trigger that when practiced will instantaneously empower the value you choose giving you the perspective you want to work from.

Step Three – Excavate the Values of Others

Your executive’s ability to listen for the values they have in common with others and those they do not is key to create authentic connection. The Chemistry Factor will train your executive to become powerful listeners for the values of others. By identifying many more of their values in the first step, it becomes possible to create many more value success formulas allowing for greater innovation and inspiration in their relationships.

  • Excavate the Values of Others at Work

To powerfully listen for values of others an executive will want to approach their conversations with an open and curious mind. This requires a transformational listening skill, especially with long standing relationships that are on auto pilot. You have worked with this person only using the limited number of your DNA values, some of which work and some that do not.

Excavate Values Exercises Include:

  • Set Your Field Trip Mindset – We review the difference between test vs. field trip listening.
  • Extract Values from Speaker Content – How to identify values in a conversation; judgment distraction, sentence waves, executive mindset.
  • Extract Values from Speaker Tells – The areas of tone, body language, and intuition to observe and be aware of.
  • Value Discovery Conversations – How to prepare conversations both formally and informally.
  • Practice Value Extraction – Suggested ways to practice

“The power to authentically connect with anyone will inspire business success to exceed expectations. Creating powerful business relationships is a practice that is well worth the time and investment to master.” 

Step Four – Create Authentic Connection

Create the chemistry that will fuel and deepen your executive’s ability to create lasting and significant business relationships with everyone your executive works with. Since business relationships are the key to company success, this ability to connect is vital.

  • Create Authentic Connection in Your Company

When your executives consciously work in values they have in common with one another, you will have a highly engaged workforce. Your people will feel better seen, heard, and appreciated creating a self-perpetuating formula for your business’s greater success.

Create Authentic Connection Exercises Include:

  • Value Matching – How to choose a value to match, empower, and authentically connect to with executive or staff
  • Shift Values While Value Matching – How to change an empowered value to another value to authentically connect during an interaction with a colleague or staff member.
  • Advanced Value Matching – Values Expansion – An advance method to discover more values within yourself as well as to connect with others.

Now that you understand better how our Chemistry Factor Program works, read some stories and testimonials from our clients.

Step One – The Executive Discovery

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