How We Work With Our Clients

The Chemistry Factor Executive Coaching Program will take you deep into your values “call to action” triggering the inspiration that will create outstanding results for your company. Your senior executives will encourage their team’s passion as they learn to empower their values quickly and easily creating authentically connected relationships.

Expected Results When you work with us:

  • Confidence in leadership will be reignited working from what’s possible rather than from the fear of failure. Your team will be encouraged to take action, authentically connecting, “working together” creating big picture visions.
  • Executive leadership and partnering will deepen and expand into authentic friendships. Your communications will convey a listening that makes every work day something to be thankful for.
  • Key executives will embrace the benefits of delegation, inspiring their staff to contribute their ideas for greater innovation. They will build greater value in your company by expanding strategic ideas that win value added and new business success.
  • Politics in the office will be replaced by a greater support that diminishes the negatives of fear and upset. Productivity will no longer be slowed by relationship doubt, replacing stop and go action with uninhibited drive.
  • You will approach your work with a greater sense of direction. What may have seemed boring will become challenging again. A creative director who is suffering from creative block will find new value perspectives to inspire their work.
  • Your company reputation will grow, attracting the A-level talent that will skyrocket your success. Your brand will grow in stature adding new revenue streams to your business because of the trust and goodwill your staff radiates in the industry.

Our Guiding Beliefs

We all have values in common with every one we work with. The more values you empower the easier it becomes to discover those you have in common with others and those you do not.

We do not tell our clients what to do but rather ask them to discover what they want to do while encouraging them to strengthen their ability to act from their empowered values.

You want your people to look forward to come to work every day. That begins with the chemistry they have with each other in the office. The better the chemistry the higher their enthusiasm which leads to greater productivity, innovation, and profitability for your business.

Our Approach

We coach an executive to identify their big picture goals, what gets in their way to achieve them, and how to embrace different value perspectives that will fast track goal accomplishment. It is the executive who will discover how to ignite their passion for the challenges in front of them, not the coach.

We know that our coaching is transformational and at times can feel uncomfortable for the client; changing old habits can be confronting. We offer a safe and supportive space that is there beyond the coaching call. We have “flick the switch” calls and encourage emailing that will support our clients anytime throughout the course of the day.

All our conversations are strictly confidential.

“Matching a value shared with a coworker is the bridge to the type of authentic connection that creates powerful business relationships; the Chemistry Factor connection.”

What Makes Us Different

There are thousands of business consultants and coaches out there who have their formula that addresses the how to of business. Some approach business from the schoolbook of step-by-step organization and best practices. They tell you what to do and how to do it. Their approach can work to some extent if you follow their rules of engagement. It is very much cookie cutter and not tailored to who your executives are.

The Chemistry Factor approach is designed for executives to make their business decisions from their empowered value perspectives. Gandhi said that “Your values are your destiny.” We teach executives how to authentically connect to their values turning their passion into powerful action. They become adept to quickly and easily create authentic connection, the matching of common values, with anyone, allowing for unlimited possibility at work.

Now that you have a better idea of the results you can expect by working with us using our unique approach, visit our Executive Coaching Services page or Executive Search Services page to learn more about how The Chemistry Factor will offer solutions to your company.