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If you have read through this website, you are likely curious to learn more about how to develop stronger business relationships.

Successful Leadership begins with trusting your interest and intuition and ignoring the stop and go process of uncertainty. When you know the action to take and take it without hesitation, you are experiencing a benefit The Chemistry Factor encourages. Taking this step is not about making a commitment but rather giving you the opportunity to explore; learning more without risk.

The Power of Authentic Connection is a topic I enjoy sharing. We will discuss your goals, challenges, and priorities to discover if my program is worth your further consideration.

The First Action for you to take is to learn more and arrange a time for us to speak, either by email or initiating a call to set up a time.

Our conversation takes 45 minutes of your time to learn the process of creating a powerful business relationship with anyone you choose. If we both agree that this is a program you would like to move forward in, we will discuss the parameters and details tailored to your wants.

  • One on One coaching
  • Multiple clients
  • Partner Coaching
  • Group Seminars

I Promise:

Everything we discuss is left strictly confidential and shared with no one.

Whether you move forward with this program or not you will experience the amazing power of authentic connection in our conversation.

Contact Information

Barney Feinberg – PCC, CPCC, CPA
Founder and CEO – The Chemistry Factor
Post Office Box 92
Centerport, N.Y., 11721
212-947-4646 (office)
917-734-9628 (mobile)