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If you’ve ever had an employee that gets the job done but disrupts your team dynamics, you know it is a recipe for discontent in your firm.  Its negative affect may be hard for you to address in a busy office but will lead to diminished productivity, innovation, and morale throughout your company. The best time to prevent poor business relationships in your company is during the hiring process.

Your company’s talent is your biggest asset for success. Disconnected relationships will have a derogatory impact on your firm’s ability to retain and acquire the best talent in the industry. They spread frustration, anger, and anxiety throughout your organization; a bad formula for inspirational leadership.

The most important factor in hiring talent is the strength of the relationship chemistry a new hire brings to your company. Powerful chemistry is created by the values that are shared with the candidate and your staff. The ability of a new colleague’s values to align with your organization will have a major impact on your business success.

We encourage the romancing of the interview process. The more executives in your firm who interview and approve of a candidate, the greater the buy-in and support for that candidate’s success. We recommend all the executives who will interact with the candidate, applying for your open position, be included in the interview process and strongly advise second or even third interviews with a direct report.

How do you know if a potential hire will be a strong fit in your company culture? The single most important ingredient for strong relationship chemistry are your values. When you and your executives can better articulate the values you have in common with a candidate you will replace your instinctive “gut feelings” with a stronger defined characterization of the relationship.

You spend more waking hours with the people at work than you do with anyone else, yet have only hours of face to face time to determine how strong the relationship will be. Your ability to listen for the values that too often go unidentified in an interview conversation, makes for much better-informed hiring decisions.

Authentically connected relationships occur when a shared value is being honored at the same time between two or more people. These are the powerful relationships that enhance productivity, innovation, and inspiration at work. Your chemistry factor is determined by your ability to authentically connect with others. The greater the chemistry factor is between your executives and the successful candidate the greater the impact on your business success. 

Our services include both retained or contingency search.

Contingency Search

With our support the client will:

  • Identify the key job responsibilities
  • Be informed of the current talent dynamics in the market, including availability, salary, and skill-sets
  • Specify compensation budget, benefits, and incentives
  • Articulate the company culture and opportunities that would be of interest to entice a successful candidate as well as the challenges that he or she would face.
  • Clearly understand the chemistry dynamics of the key executives who will interact with this position.
  • Timely review of all interviews with our recruiter to gauge your interest and discover key issues important for a successful hire
  • Update the level of candidate interest after each interview to assess their motivation in continuing the process and chemistry fit.
  • Develop an offer designed to be accepted by the successful candidate
  • Have transition coaching for the successful candidate and their direct report to assure a smooth transition into the organization.

“The key to living a passionate and successful life is to discover the values we have in common with the people and circumstances we face every day and choose to honor them. The better we know ourselves, the easier this becomes.”      

Retainer Search

We focus on the “chemistry factor” of key staff members involved in the hiring, through executive coaching and information gathering conversations

Your executives will strengthen their chemistry factor to create powerful business relationships in the company. The stronger the chemistry within your company, the better a new colleague’s transition will be, achieving greater business success.

In addition to the steps above taken for a contingency search your key executives and the successful hire will be coached to:

  • Identify key work goals and strengthen their chemistry factor to better accomplish them
  • Identify the strength of their chemistry factor with the candidates interviewed and discover new values to empower for stronger business relationships within the company
  • Learn “The Chemistry Factor” interview and powerful business relationship processes

The industries we specialize in are advertising, public relations, and media agencies.

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