Chemistry Factor Client Stories
and Testimonials

These brief stories and testimonials state the results of engaging with Barney Feinberg in the Chemistry Factor Program.

Mark P. – CFO/COO
Aim: How to better connect with his peers

Mark improved critical relationships with key stakeholders in our work together. He was able to identify and create common ground with key stakeholders by discovering new value connections between the parties that helped to expedite and advance the company agenda.

“I learned new ways to partner with my CEO and other C-level management that has made decision making easier, stress free and much more collaborative. I approach my work now with an “enjoy the ride” mentality and perspective that enhances my productivity, collaboration and perception at work. Barney has been an invaluable business partner in honing these business critical skills.” 

Brian H. – Fundraising
Aim: Greater career growth and money

Doubled his salary within two years and his career opportunities for growth went from none to steady growth (From Development Officer to Director of Corporate and Foundation Relations) Twenty years of 30-60K to six figure income as well as developing his passion business in antique sales.

“Barney Feinberg is a superb life and business coach.  To be more accurate, he’s a superb coach, period.   He brings a wealth of professional coaching training, business and life experience to his coaching, as well as basic common sense. Barney listens deeply to his client, and among his many skills has a capacity to work through “complex” problems to effectuate a viable and workable solution, often when the problem seems overwhelming and insurmountable.  He is also extremely capable of supporting his client in working through those issues which come from dealing with difficult people, whether they be in our personal or professional life. Anyone would be lucky to be working with Barney as their coach.” – Brian Haller, Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations

Robin L. – Director Strategic Branding company
Aim: Find a great job

Fish Out of Water, downsized after 10 years with same company. In three months where doubt and fear got in her way, found great client job with people she is happy to work with.

“I first met Barney after I was laid off from a company I had been with for 10 years.  At the time I felt stuck and uninspired and I was not looking forward to looking for my next ‘job’. Barney’s values-based approach and style of coaching were a great fit for me – part life coach, part career advisor, part cheerleader.  Working with Barney allowed me to better understand my values to develop stronger connections and enjoyment in work and in life, based on those values.”

Bryan K. – Owner Consulting Firm
Aim: Be less stressed at work and build stronger business relationships

Built Digital Social Media Consulting Firm but was having stressful relationships with important clients. Learned to build strong business relationship making himself more productive less stressed, attaining more business, and developing partnership opportunities including a digital product he is designing.

“The Chemistry Factor and the process have been great for my life both personally and professionally. It’s not only the process that makes things sink in, it’s also Barney’s ability to adapt to you as an individual and apply each aspect of his program uniquely tailored to you. The design and approach are very immersive and get you involved on a deep level. I highly recommend working with him and will work with him again!” – Bryan Kaye, Digital/Social Media Expert

Wayne C. – Master Coach
Aim: Explore benefits of The Chemistry Factor

Did not know what to expect in learning how to strengthen his Chemistry Factor. In ten hours of coaching over a 3-month period attained 7 new clients when in a normal year would win 2-3. Stopped taking on new business because of the success.

“Values, something we all feel we can articulate, gets a fresh look in The Chemistry Factor. Barney Feinberg shows us how they are the entryway to a huge expansion in our business friendships (all friendships, for that matter) and accordingly, our success. I was a skeptic about Barney’s concept until I applied his technique, and, lo and behold, I found myself appreciating people whom I had written off and friendships with them developing. It works! Try it.” – Wayne Caskey, Master Executive Coach

Anonymous – Partner in Advertising Agency
Aim: Be less stressed and improve partner relationship

Was feeling stressed on the job with employee and client relationships that dated over 15 years. Ten hours of coaching over 3+ months revitalized the way he approached his work, learning how to lower the stress by empowering values that inspired his work and better connect with the people he comes in touch with each day.

“Barney’s coaching style is easy and relaxing. What you come away with are calming and focused reminders on how to approach business, and life, everywhere you turn. I would recommend his coaching for anyone changing roles, growing in their role or going through a transition.”

Jason S. – Partner in Public Relations Firm –
Aim: Strive to reach goal of greater independence and control in his career. Improve Partner relationship.

Partner relationship toxic, learning how to connect with his values to shift disconnected relationships to connected ones, elevating his career path. WIP

“Barney Feinberg’s values-based “Chemistry Factor” coaching method is both timeless and modern in its approach. It’s based on a simple premise: we can all be the best version of ourselves if we mindfully empower the values that drive us and find authentic ways to connect with others through them. As a coach, Barney is dedicated, empathetic, and non-judgmental. As a human being, which is perhaps more important, he’s kind, generous, and has integrity.” – Jason Schlossberg, Chief Creative officer – Public Relations

David J. – Artist and Teacher
Aim: Expand his ability to market his artwork and create more.

Increasing his applications for sculpture commissions from 3 or 4 per year to 25, recently winning one. Taking on creating a new book. Investigating collage as an additional and complementary medium. All while overcoming the disabling consequences of Parkinson’s.

“I have been working with Barney for over 12 years and every year of coaching has been increasingly more productive than the last thanks to his ever-enthusiastic support. I am an expert in developing creative thought, being an artist, a teacher and having written a book on creativity. Every Friday morning when we talk, I get a sense of how much more creativity is available, uncovering alternative points of view that I never considered: he consistently shines a light into areas of life that had been invisible to me, always leading to opportunities for action.” – David Judelson, Artist and Teacher

Now that you’ve heard from our clients, learn more about Barney Feinberg, CEO of The Chemistry Factor.